VIDEO: Coach Saban Enjoyed This Victory A Little More Than Most


coach saban enjoyed victory
I think Coach Saban enjoyed this last victory a little more than most. You can see it after the Gatorade bath. He may not admit it, but the sweet satisfaction of winning a national championship this year, after being down for the count following the LSU loss last November, is pretty much the highlight of his career.

We all know that Coach Saban was ready in November to get revenge on Les Miles after the big loss last year. Leading up to the LSU game in 2010, Saban still had Alabama in the hunt for the national championship. With one loss to South Carolina, Les Miles was coming to town with the Bengal Tigers. Unfortunately, after a fake punt & a timely reverse by LSU, Alabama bitterly lost 24-21.

Losing for the second time to Les Miles on Nov. 2011, 9-6, had to have been very hard for Nick Saban to take. The Mad Hatter played it safe in November 2011, after all the tricks of 2010, and came away with a 2 game winning streak on Saban. Going to New Orleans with the possibility of a 3 game losing streak to Les Miles had to have been the ultimate incentive for Saban.

Following the victory in the Superdome, Coach Saban displayed a level of elated emotion that is unprecedented in his tenor at Alabama.

He danced when the Gatorade hit his back. He even said that he "loved it." The moment was surreal and a huge grin was all over his face following the dominant victory. The dominating victory over his arch nemesis was sweet as it gets in collegiate football. For the first time ever, a BCS shut-out that ended all speculation about who was the best team in the country.

It was Coach Saban's finest moment.

Coach Saban was going to enjoy every minute of the after-game celebration. So much so, he was up until 3AM the next morning celebrating.

To Coach Saban, I have one thing to say... "ROLL TIDE!"

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