Former Ohio State Coach Accuses Tide and the SEC of Cheating


Add former Ohio State coach John Cooper to the list of "haters" of the SEC and of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Cooper, whose overall record against the SEC is 2-14, said this on a Cleveland radio station.

“I see some of these teams, the Auburns. I’m told, I don’t know and I haven’t coached in that league, but I’m told that down south the Alabama’s and LSUs and some of these teams that have these great players, that maybe the NCAA needs to look into their situation. Those teams have been on probation. As you know, Alabama’s certainly one of the most penalized teams in college football, as is the Southeastern Conference. We say the SEC’ the best and they are the best, but they’ve also had more NCAA violations than probably all the other leagues put together the last 10 years.”

He also dissed SEC quarterbacks.

“They don’t have many skilled quarterbacks. I thought Alabama’s quarterback last night was OK. I thought LSU’s was awful and I don’t know if there’s another good quarterback, maybe the young kid at Georgia. But I don’t know if there’s another good quarterback in the whole league.”

My question is how can ANYBODY associated with the Ohio State program past or present, talk about cheating after the embarrassing year they have gone through. And for him to make any allegations without proof is just irresponsible on his part.

He just sounds like a bitter old man still upset that the SEC own his program everytime he played them.

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