LSU Players Complaining After National Championship Game


As we reported the other day, LSU fans were not the only one's wondering what the heck Les Miles was doing Monday night, now even some of his players are coming out questioning Miles' decisions.

Wide out Russell Shephard said this on this Twitter account:

"Me having 14 catches for only 190 yards this year is not my fault people...I only dropped 4 balls all year...So who fault is it now?"

We don't know if Shepard was talking about Miles or quarterback Jordan Jefferson, but he obviously didn't think much of either one and the way the game was played Monday night.

Miles has been questioned now by fans, the media and now even his own players. You have to wonder if LSU doesn't live up to expectations next year, how quickly will he be on the hot seat again.

Quite frankly, looks like he is already there.

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