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A.J. Mccarron
Before last night, no freshman or sophomore quarterback has ever won a national championship, that is until last night. AJ McCarron was the first underclassman to win a national championship as a redshirt sophomore.

The passing game led by McCarron, challenged the LSU secondary all night. While most offenses would have stayed away from the LSU secondary, McCarron torched them for 234 yards which garnered him offensive MVP honors.

In sense if he didn't become a man during the season, he was last night. McCarron was calm, cool and collected in victory and unlike LSU senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson, he proved he is one of the elite quarterbacks in the country.


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Just a slight correction because your statement needs to be qualified.
AJ is the only sophomore to ever win a “BCS” national championship.
Jay Barker won the national championship for Bama at the end of the ’92 season and there may have been other QBs in other years who accomplished the same feat.
As far your comment, “…if (AJ) didn’t become a man during the season, he was last night,” you have no idea.
This kid is a helluva man.

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