In Football, Is The LSU Game Perennially Becoming the Tide’s Biggest Game of the Year?


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An Alabama fan asked an interesting question: he wanted to know is the LSU game becoming the Tide's biggest rival?

Now hear me out. First of all, no one will EVER take the place of Auburn being our biggest rival, but since Nick Saban has been at Alabama, with the exception of last year, LSU and Alabama have played for the Western Division title and this year they are playing each other for a national title.

When was the last time Alabama and Auburn competed on the same level for the Western Division? Probably never, as with this season it was Alabama and LSU that battled for the title and it seems when one team is up like Bama was this year, the other team is down.

Also, it wasn't much excitement for this year's Iron Bowl like it was going into last year's game with Cam Newton. As one of my Auburn buddies told me about the 42-14 Tide victory, "it was expected."

No one will ever take Auburn's place as Alabama's biggest rival, but as long as LSU stays competitve, they might be the Tide's biggest game of the year.

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