McElroy Blasts Jets Locker Room


The Twitter world EXPLODED Wednesday when former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy put his New York Jets teammates on blast for the way some acted this season. This is what G-Mac said on The Zone radio station here in Birmingham.

“It’s definitely not a fun place to be,” McElroy told 97.3 The Zone radio in Alabama on Wednesday of the mood in the lockerroom. “I can assure you.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever been around extremely selfish individuals,” said McElroy, who was a seventh round pick out of Alabama. “I think that’s maybe the nature of the NFL. But there were people within our lockerroom that didn’t care whether we won or loss… as long as they got their… they really had a good game individually. And that’s the disappointing thing."

"It’s going to take a lot to kind of come together next year," he added. "I think the fact that we struggled at times this year really led to a really corrupt mindset within the lockerroom. But I think we’re going to regroup and I know that we’ll be a better team because of the trials and tribulations this year.”

McElroy sounded like a very frustrated young man who is use to winning. As most of you know, he won championships on the high school and college level, so he is not one to bite his tongue when it comes to situations like this. Maybe the Jets will take the rookie quarterback's words to heart and dump some of the bad apples (aka Santonio Holmes) off the team.

It was reported that Holmes argued with some of his teammates last Sunday as the Jets lost to the Miami Dolphins which eliminated them from the playoffs.

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G-Mac said what he thought and took a leadership role on the team, even if he is on IR.
Good for him.
He is, after all, a champion at both the HS and college levels.
GM apparently agrees with him, BTW.
G-Mac could have also named names, but apparently didn’t.
Good for him, again.
Management says they plan to address the issue.

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