Five Years Ago Last Week… The Quest For Greatness Began


Nick Saban arrived from the Miami Dolphins to take the position as head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

After weeks of denial, Saban decided to take the Alabama job which would change the landscape of college football.

Since becoming the head coach of the Tide, Saban has produce one SEC Championship, two Western Division Championships, one national championship, and produced a 45-5 record not to mention having several top five recruiting classes.

Nick Saban was as good as advertised. Many already knew that Saban was good, but who knew he would be THIS good so early on at Alabama. After going 7-5 his first year, the next year he tooked the Tide to their first SEC Championship game since 1999 and their first BCS game.

By his third year he lead Bama to their first national championship in almost 20 years and now in his fifth year, he might be leading them to their second. Not bad for a guy some thought wasn't worth the money that Mal Moore agreed to pay him.

Now, five years later, most teams are looking for the Nick Saban type success in their programs and are willing to do almost anything to get Saban's type of success but so far, most have fallen short of Saban's success.

Getting Saban. Was it worth it? Dang right it was!

The Quest For Greatness Plays Out in The Superdome Tonight.

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