LSU’s Blackwell and Claiborne: Tide Didn’t Earn It


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Not every LSU player is looking forward to playing Bama in the BCS Championship.

In an interview with ESPN’s Erin Andrews, offensive lineman Will Blackwell and defensive back Morris Claiborne basically said the Tide didn’t earn the right to a rematch.

“Traditional it’s been the conference championships that should be in. We really didn’t feel like they earned their spot in the game,” said Blackwell.

Claiborne expressed the same thing in the interview as well.

Of course Les Miles tried to come back and clean up his players mess, but I think once it went viral it was a bit too late. I wonder if these players remember that a two loss LSU team went to the national championship game after losing to Kentucky and Arkansas at the end of the season.

My guess is, probably not or they wouldn’t say a word about the Tide. Careful fellas, sounds like you are scared to face the Tide again.

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Your point that LSU lost twice in ’07 is futile. Their opinion (along with about 1/2 the nation) is that the game should be between conference champions and LSU did win the SEC Championship in ’07. —looking forward to the rematch.

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