Updyke’s Daughter Starts Website to Help Her Father


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In the “are they really going to do this” department, it was reported on AL. com Wednesday that Harvey Updyke’s daughter has started a website to help raise money for her father.

In a conversation via Facebook, Updyke said his financial issues involve a $50,000 bond, transportation back-and-forth from Louisiana and for his wife's "major back surgery."

The site is supposed to have autograph pictures, t-shirts and bumper stickers that “fans” can buy to support Updyke.

It’s hard for me to feel sorry for a guy who brought this all on himself because “he has too much Alabama in him.” More power to him, but I won’t be supporting his site and my guess is most Tide fans won’t either.

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Do the crime do the time! Nobody helped me when I got in trouble!


Really? He did this to himself, let him figure out how to deal with this!!!!!!
A True Alabama Fan

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