LSU Fans Upset Over Lee’s Playing Time


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I read an article in the Montgomery Advertiser about LSU fans being upset over quarterback Jarrett Lee losing playing time.

Lee was having a good season until the Alabama game and since then and with Jordan Jefferson’s return, Lee hasn’t played.

Although they are 13-0, LSU fans are starting are starting to get frustrated with Les Miles and the way he has treated Lee.

Here are just a few things LSU fans are saying:

“Could not believe they went a whole half and did not make a first down and did not give Lee a chance,” said an LSU fan via email. “I think Miles disgraced him by sending him in for one down just to kneel. After all he had carried them through the first half of the season and beat some real good teams.”

“Where was Lee in the presentation of the SEC trophy? Let's not forget he got LSU more than halfway through the season,” Jackie Smart of Metairie, La., wrote in a letter to the editor in the New Orleans Times Picayune. “He did not break curfew and was not accused of any crime. Jarrett Lee should have been right up front with the coach.”

I am grateful we don’t have to deal with this situation. AJ McCarron has proven he was the man to get the job done this season.

And I can understand why LSU fans are worried. Even with Jefferson and Lee playing quarterback, the LSU offense has struggled at times including in the Alabama game.

McCarron has proven this season he is more then just the manager of the game, he is a game-changer and LSU fans probably wish that they could say the same about their quarterbacks.

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Eddie (BAMAFAN) Heithcock
December 16th, 2011 at 12:09 pm

what about this . Lee was never first string. he played bc the other QB was injured. Lee started one game(BAMA) just to slowly get the other QB back in rhythm. Lee did awful and the starting QB was back on the field and was the reason they beat BAMA. enough said

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