Why Auburn’s Chizik Should Follow The Saban Rule


gene chizik auburn

Well as most of you know by now, Auburn’s offensive coordinator Gus Malzahan has now taken the position as head coach with Arkansas State to the shock of many and people are wondering why?

I had two theories: one since the Tigers had such a sub-par season, Malzahan’s reputation was on the line if his offense didn’t produce next year and he didn’t want to take that chance.

kristi malzahnMy other theory which apparently is based in fact is the lovely video of his wife which went viral on the internet recently was hurting Malzahan’s chances of getting a better job.

One of the local broadcasters here in Birmingham said that Kristi Malzahan’s little rant hurt her husband’s chances of getting a better job. Malzahan was in line to get the North Carolina job, but when this video came out, that was that.

People wondered why Nick Saban doesn’t let his assistant coaches speak because he believes in the one team and one voice policy. When you have several voices out there like apparently they do at Auburn, you get in trouble.

This woman forgot not only does she represent her husband, but his school as well. That might be another reason why Malzahan is gone too because of the embarrassment she caused Auburn.

Could you see that happening in Tuscaloosa? I can’t. Nick Saban controls every aspect of the football program. If there is going to be controversy, you better believe it won’t be coming from an assistant coach or their wives. Saban also takes that approach with his players as well.

One team, one voice equals less controversy a lesson maybe Gene Chizik needs to take from Nick Saban.

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