Video Proof: 12 Year Old Girl Can Throw Ball Further Than Auburn’s QBs


This young 12 year old girl, a Bama fan, can throw a more convincing football than Clint Moseley or Barrett Trotter. Take a look, she's pretty good!

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I love how the mom says better than McElroy. The 12 year old doesn’t have an SEC defense running at her ;).

Alabama Crimson Tide
December 12th, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Well, come on man… cut her a break she is actually only 12! McElroy may not have been that good at 12. I would almost be willing to bet he wasn’t able to either. I know I would have gotten creamed by even a wimpy SEC team like Auburn or Tennessee. Even the toughest Pac-10 offensive players could not match the speed and size of elite SEC defenses, much less 12 year old rugrats. LOL

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