Will AP Voters STILL Vote LSU No. 1 Even If they Lose?


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There has been a discussion the last few weeks that suggested that even if LSU were to lose to Alabama in the national championship game, that some Associated Press voters would still vote LSU No. 1.

The talk kind of started with Gary Danielson of CBS who was discussing the idea on Paul Finebaum last week. Danielson strongly suggested that it could happen because what LSU had done during the regular season.

Finebaum pointed out that he didn’t see Les Miles taking the AP trophy while Nick Saban gets all the other trophies. But it could happen.

Writer Clay Travis agreed with Danielson that LSU could get several No. 1 votes in the AP , but come on are they REALLY going to do this?

If Alabama beats LSU, they are the national champions PERIOD. I understood the split a few years ago with LSU and USC because they didn’t play each other, but if you have the two best teams playing one another, there shouldn’t be a split and it probably won’t be.

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