Did Richardson Fall Behind in Heisman Race? We’ll See Saturday


trent richardson ankle breaker
At the end of last week, Alabama running back Trent Richardson was leading the Heisman Trophy race; as of right now he is third behind Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III who is leading and Andrew Luck according to ESPN and Stiff Arm Trophy.

Griffin’s surge is mainly because he got to play the last weekend of the season, while Luck and Richardson sat out. Griffin also had a big game against the Texas Longhorns this weekend which didn’t hurt his chances.

I did some investigating this weekend on RG3 ‘s stats and the only top 20 defense he has played this year has been Texas. The highest ranked defense after the Longhorns was TCU who are 32nd in the country. After Texas, the highest ranked Big 12 defensive team was Missouri at No. 60. So, basically RG3 has been building his resume’ against bad defenses.

Richardson on the other hand, has gone up against four top 20 defenses which no one seems to want to point out. When I asked certain voters about their vote for RG3 on my Twitter feed, they clammed up and basically were offended that I had the nerve to ask them.

But the key in the voting is not how many first place votes you get, but how many votes you get period. Richardson maybe third as of today, but depending on if and where he lands on the Heisman ballot he still can win it; we’ll know for sure this coming Saturday

Watch his masterful Auburn run..

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