Nick Saban Voted Oklahoma St. Cowboys No. 4, Guess What Tubby Did?


Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban voted the Oklahoma St #2. Cowboys #4 in the Coaches Poll ballot. He had the Stanford Cardinals listed at the #3 slot. Missouri's Gary Pinkel and Stanford's David Shaw also voted this was. Out of all the other SEC ballots cast, including that of Les Miles', Alabama had ranked ahead of Oklahoma State University.

Tommy Tuberville, now Texas Tech's head coach, voted Alabama #3 and Oklahoma State. Something about that seems right in the universe.. I am so glad Alabama is back on top after those dreadful years of finger lifting by Tubbs after each Iron Bowl. We all know what a class act Tubbs was anyway, don't we?

Anyway... I just wanted to share that with the Bama nation, and I know that you all are excited like I am about the big game coming up!

Do you agree with Coach Saban's vote?

I do. Oklahoma wasn't the big win that Oklahoma portrayed it to be. Oklahoma had lost 2 star players on offense, and the defense was pretty porous. They lost 2 games to Texas Tech & Baylor that they should have won (based on their rankings), and they just simply were not as good as billed (especially after injuries set in).

Coach Saban knows his football and voted the Cowboys where they needed to be in the polls. Behind us!


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I live in Big 12 COUNTRY and I’m a huge BAMA fan! I believe the BCS gives the strength of schedule of OK St and the rest of the BIG remaining 12 extremely way to much credit. Ecspecially for a conference that does not play defense well at all!!!!


So proud to call the CRIMSON TIDE MY team! Coach Saban is the greatest coach all around! Not only does he train a WINNING team year after year, he teaches the players that it is important to win, but it’s more important to win with INTEGRITY & HIGH SPORTSMANLIKE conduct, unlike a few other teams that I won’t bother naming.

WE HAVE EARNED our spot in the BCS Championship & I believe with all of my heart that we will walk away the WINNERS!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!!

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