Quote Attributed To Saban Is A Big Myth


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The quote (alledgedly by Nick Saban in 2003), and most of you out there on the internet know what it is, has taken on a life of its own. It is a myth! The "Barners" would like to say otherwise but there is no proof it was ever said.

What is it, you say?

They are saying he said:

“Anyone who doesn’t win their conference has no business playing in the national championship game.”

The false quote even infiltrated the Wikipedia page for Nick Saban and was sourced as a quote from an St. Louis Post-Dispatch article on December 8, 2003.

This did not happen. It has now been taken off of Wikipedia.

Everything about it is fake. You simply can't believe everything you hear on the internet. Heck, you could even take me to task on some things I have said on this site. The internet is fast and false rumors can spead like wildfire, but that doesn't mean they are true.

Even if Coach Saban said it. Isn't a football guy able to change his mind once in almost 10 years? Look at Brett Favre or Urban Meyer?

Saban did not say it but you can bet one thing. Much like the die-hard Republicans that cannot accept Obama as being born in America, there will be the die hard Alabama-haters who will quote the mytical Saban quote until they are blue in the face... it will be undoutedly perpetuated online from now on.

Doesn't matter, Bama is still going to New Orleans on Jan 9th. Believe it or not! 🙂


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Does anyone make a solid crimson or white, adult sized adjustable, meshed backed cap with the Bama logo?


To me that quote shouldn’t even be an issue because of the circumstances this year. The reason Alabama didn’t win its conference is because it’s in the same conference as the #1 team that, with a loss to them, prevented Bama from winning it, even going to it. If Bama didn’t win their conference because of a loss to another SEC school that wasn’t the #1 team in the nation then Bama WOULD have no business being in the NC game. But when you’re one of the top 2 teams in the nation, conference issues don’t really matter!

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