Brandon Deaderick “Probably” Won’t Play Against Virginia Tech


I did not even think there was a possibility of Brandon Deaderick playing Saturday, but apparently the option is not off the table. In a statement by Saban being reported by Genry Estes, the word coming out of Tuscaloosa is that Deaderick "probably" won't play. This could mean that Deaderick could be back next week, but as with anything medical it is a wait and see... but I would hazard a guess and say he probably won't play.

At the moment, up and coming sophomore, Marcell Dareus, looks to be slated in Deaderick's first-string right defensive end spot on Alabama's stingy defense. Dareus was expected to get plenty of playing time anyway, as he has been getting to the quarterback in scrimmages for sacks and players have been raving about his performance.

Dareus has the speed and size to create real problems for the Hokies as they will try and get around the edge and get into open space. I believe Dareus will do a great job of protecting from this and reverses, as you never know what Beamer might pull out of the bag.

I look forward to seeing Dareus playing for sure. I hope he sacks up some Hokies and helps us humiliate them like we did Clemson. But most of all, we wish Deaderick a speedy recovery and glad this story wasn't a tragedy.

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