Saban Asked BCS Voters to “Be Fair”


As I said the other day, rarely do you hear Coach Saban lobby for anything or anyone, but yesterday he starting lobbying for his team to make the national championship game yesterday during his press conference.

Some college football experts are questioning whether or not the Tide deserves to be in the championship game because they won’t be playing for their own conference championship and some may vote against a rematch, Saban asked the media yesterday to do one thing: Be fair.

“If somebody does that, I guess it's their choice to do it,” Saban said. “It's a free country. But the whole thing should be based on who's the best two teams. Isn't that what it's supposed to be? If it's not on that, then it doesn't matter whether we've played before or any of that.”

“Who's the best two teams? That's the question. If the decision gets made on that, I'll be fine with that. If it gets made on some of this other stuff, that's not fair. It's not fair to the players, and it wouldn't be fair to their players either. It wouldn't be fair to anybody.”

Saban is right. I’ve had conversations this past weekend with Tim Brando and Scott Van Pelt about this subject on Twitter and neither of them didn’t say that LSU and Bama weren’t the two best teams in the country; their problem is with the BCS.

That’s fine and good, but the BCS is supposed to put the two best teams together and the system has done that and has done that for the past few years. If BCS voters are honest with themselves and are fair like Saban has asked, Alabama and LSU will be in the championship game.

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Unfortunately, the Heisman balloting system can lend itself to abuse because it is a cumulative deal where a player also gets points for 2nd and 3rd place votes, just not as much.
So a biased voter could put Luck, for instance, at #1 and a couple of other guys with absolutely no chance of winning at #2 and #3, thereby leaving Trent and RGIII completely off that ballot.
By doing so, the biased voter can not only help their guy win but actually hurt the chances of the closest competition.
The only thing that discourages the practice is the fact that every Heisman voter must sign their ballot.
But it still apparently happens.
Gary Danielson said as much at the end of the Iron Bowl and he even asked Heisman voters not to do it.

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