What’s The Only Thing Higher Than Rocky Top? MOUNT CODY!


mount cody 2 blocks
What a game! I am sorry but I thought no way we could do it twice in a row! But we have a mountain on our side! MOUNT CODY! He made the difference in winning the game today in Tuscaloosa and snatched the game out of the clutches of defeat. Tennessee's kicker, Daniel Lincoln, had two kicks blocked in the second half by none other than Mount Cody. The last one was the game saving block as time expired, 12-10.

Tennessee played like warriors, but in the end, it was who really had the mountain on their side! Alabama's Mount Cody played inspired football in the second half of the game running down the line on defense. When it came down to needing a push down the middle to win the game with his kick blocking abilities, Cody stood tall. One kick blocked under his arm, the game winner swatted down like a fly!

I had a friend email me and say that the game was pathetic... I told him it was beautiful. I will take a "pathetic" win in every game for the rest of the year. Here at Alabama, we value wins... not style points for BCS polls. Winning even "ugly" is the name of the game. Keep in mind, that the Tennessee game was the closest game (17-10) besides Florida in the 1992 season. Tennessee and Alabama is like the Hatfields and McCoys. You are going to almost always have a battle on your hands with the Vols. I am glad to get out with a victory!

Mount Cody sealed his name in the folklore in the winning tradition of Alabama with the spectacular game he played today. I guess that is why Alabama loves to play "Mountain Music!"

I will get a video on here asap!

Roll Tide!

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