Air Force Coaching Legend Fisher DeBerry Favors Bama vs LSU in Title Game


fisher deberry
Former head football coach at the United States Air Force Academy from 1984 to 2006, Fisher DeBerry racked up the most wins and highest winning percentage (.608) in Air Force football history. His best year was 1985, when Air Force finished #8 in the AP with a 12-1 record. He duplicated that record in 1998, but only finished #13.

Today, in retirement, Coach DeBerry a respected coach & authority on football, he is offering his opinion on who should play in college football's biggest game.

Coach DeBerry is adamant about the fact that it "should be who we feel are the two best TEAMS" (emphasis his), regardless of conference play. He said he looks at who "week in and week out" are the best teams.

"It is clear in my mind that LSU right now should be the #1 team because they beat Alabama", Fisher then said, "yet Alabama is that (motioning with his finger close together) close to being number one. It would be an exciting national championship game."

We agree with you on this one coach!


Watch his video below as he expounds on the subject.

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