VIDEO: Funny Video of Gus Malzahn’s Wife and Her Rant


kristi malzahn

Even through the Iron Bowl is over, I couldn’t resist posting this video of Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn’s lovely wife Kristi ranting at a church in Arkansas about everything from “loving Cam Newton” to “hating” Alabama.

Trust me ya’ll, this video would be entertaining even if he husband didn’t coach at Auburn. I was quite amused and entertained.

Editor's note: We do appreciate Gus Malzahn's wife expressing her freedom of speech, everyone has their opinions, but this lady is off the chain. I am beginning to like Gus now. I can't help but feel sorry for him because of what he has to endure at home. Could you imagine? No wonder he told his wife, "Just shut-up!" LOL -Chris

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That woman is absolutely bonkers, in my opinion!!! Wonder what she was “on”…. Amazing that this was some sort of Christian activity…lol I agree with you, gotta feel really, really sorry for Malzahn!!!!


What a piece work she is…maaaaahhhhhhnnnnnnnn Something going there in her head… Why,oh why in GOD’s house ???????????????

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