Bama Players not Hatin’ on Auburn


If you thought the level of dislike between the Alabama-Auburn players is on the same level as the fans, you’d be wrong; at least on the Alabama side.

Reports came out last week that a few Auburn players said they “hated” Alabama, but the sentiment wasn’t the same from the Tide players.

When the question was asked of them by a news reporter if they felt the same this was their response:

“I strongly dislike Auburn,” Hightower said. “I don't want to say I hate 'em, but I'm definitely hyped up to play against these guys. Every year it's always been a real good game. Those guys have been on a roll. ... We're just gonna have to come in and play our game.”

Asked directly if he hated Auburn, wide receiver Brandon Gibson replied, “I'm not gonna say that word. I don't hate anybody. I like competition, fierce competition. It definitely makes you work hard. It makes you become a better person as well as a better player. We're just gonna come out and compete on Saturday, no hate about it.”

I think the players are saving their hate for the football field Saturday don’t you? RTR!

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