Julio and Ingram May Not Play Due to Feet Dragging By NCAA


The fact is that even though we are approaching the first game of the year with much anicipation, there is a looming threat that there may not be two player in the game that could impact who wins. It is the two starters Julio Jones and Mark Ingram. Both are tabbed to be stars in the upcoming years as both showed great promise in their true freshman debut last year.

The problem lies with the NCAA. With our program already under a microscope by the nit-picky NCAA, these players happened to take a ride on a chartered fishing trip with a 55 year old man from Athens, Alabama who for health reasons needed help from these guys to make the trip.

Meanwhile, teams like USC continues to rock on regardless of Reggie Bush scandal where he received extensive compensation from several sports agents while he still playing for the beloved Trojans. It seems to me to be a double standard, and the only reason is that the NCAA world must be jealous of the Tide for the 12 championships and years of domination.

The NCAA must be afraid that a giant is waking once again and there will be a return to Bear-like domination of the collegiate football world. So here we are, 3 months after we did the right thing and self reported this incident... at a stand-still. No word from the NCAA yet.

In a statement by Nick Saban on this matter:

"We're hoping for a response," Saban said. "We want to do what we need to do to do things the right way from a program standpoint and for the players' best interests. The institution has handled the situation with tremendous integrity. We're hopeful that we will have some sort of resolution in the short term."

This silly little matter should be a open and shut case where at the worst they pay back the money for the cost of the trip and play. Don't get me wrong, I understand the University's stance to maintain the highest integrity in going above and beyond what they need to do, they have no choice. Now it just boils down to the NCAA deciding on this case. Whats the hold up, anyway? It shouldn't be that hard to make a call, send a certified letter, and just let us know what needs to happen to get this behind us. Instead, here we are, days before the first game, with the possibility of being without our tp two weapon's on offense...all because of the slowness of the NCAA to respond.

I still think even if they sit out of the game, Alabama will win. But it sure would be like missing two bullets in our fully loaded gun. Lets hope the gun isn't on an empty chamber when we fire our best shot at the Hokies.

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