Wrong Way Bo – 1984 Iron Bowl


wrong way boSince this is Iron Bowl week, of course we are going to honor it by featuring our favorite Iron Bowl games. Today we will be featuring the 1984 Iron Bowl or as we Alabama fans like to call it, the “Wrong Way Bo” game.

Trailing the Tide by two in the fourth quarter and not going for the field goal, Auburn coach Pat Dye decided to tempt fate by going for it on a fourth down play that was suppose to go to Bo Jackson.

The ball instead went to running back Brent Fullwood instead of Bo Jackson. Jackson ran the wrong direction on the block, causing Fullwood to be forced out of bounds by Alabama defensive back Rory Turner. Turner’s hit gave Bama the victory, 17-15.

Turner’s famous line from that game was “I waxed the dude.” I love it! RTR!

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