Saban talks Georgia Southern, NOT BCS in Press Conference


Coach Saban Georgia Southern Press ConferenceNick Saban made one thing clear yesterday: he is not worried about the BCS right now.

“I don't really care about that. I've been watching enough film in that room. I could care less about that because I don't understand it to start with.”

Now, you know it’s not the truth, but my guess is that Saban wants his team to stay FOCUS on the game Saturday because he knows if his team does not keep the eye on the ball so to speak, they could find themselves in a close game Saturday.

Georgia state alabama logos

“Teams like this beat Division-I teams all the time,” Saban said. No one has to be reminded of the Appalachian State/Michigan game to know what Saban is saying is the truth. Georgia Southern comes into this game with a 9-1 record.

Saban continued to talk about the Tide’s passing game needing to improve and the status of offensive lineman Barrett Jones which he says is day-to-day. More then likely, Saban will save Jones for the Auburn game.

As for the kicking game, Saban only had one criticism: not covering a kickoff well. He said there's a difference between special teams and specialist.

Alabama will face Georgia Southern Saturday 1 p.m.

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