Tide Still No. 3 in the BCS


After another crazy week in the BCS, the Tide remains third in the BCS polls which puts them one step closer to a rematch at least in some people’s minds.

I’ve heard some crazy scenarios and the one I heard that kind of set me off was Jerry Palm; he of the Bracktology formula in college basketball.

Palm seems to think if Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State in a few weeks that they would jump Bama in the polls, his logic being that Oklahoma would be a conference champion- although, keep in mind this is the same team that lost to Texas Tech at home who OSU killed this weekend 66-6.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was trying to make a case for Oregon after they beat Stanford the other night; the problem with that is LSU killed Oregon earlier this season and Oregon lost to Auburn last year so the cards are against them.

I also heard a case for Arkansas by Craig James who says they may be able to jump Alabama as well if they defeat LSU, but Bama bet them handily as well. Thank goodness for the most part common sense is prevailing in the polls in favor of the Tide.

ESPN’s BCS guru Brad Edwards seems to think no matter what happens, the Tide is in the driver’s seat for a rematch over the other teams mentioned because of how they played and lost to LSU.

In other words, if Bama takes care of business and if chaos does rein in the BCS, the Tide could still be sitting pretty in the end.

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