Ex-Tide Kicker Tiffin shows Sympathy for Foster


If anyone knows what it’s like to have the whole world on your shoulders after a loss it’s former Crimson Tide kicker Leigh Tiffin.

Tiffin posted this on his site Tiffinkicking.com: “Kicking is a strange position,” he said. “It’s unlike any other in all of sports. I've often described it as trying to play golf in a war zone.”

Tiffin continued “Anyone who kicks long enough will have a bad game -- maybe even an awful one,” he said. “I know I sure have. The key is to forget the mistake and remember the lesson.”

Tiffin should know, as a freshman he missed critical kicks in the Arkansas game that cost the Tide a victory. In the end, Tiffin became the Tide’s all-time leading scorer and was an All-American in 2009 during Alabama’s national championship season.

Toward the end of his blog, Tiffin offered this advice to Foster and other kickers.

1. Always separate your personal worth from your athletic performance....

2. Recognize that being a kicker is a unique position and that excellent preparation is different for every position. ...

3. Remember that if you are going to do anything great in life that you run the risk of public and embarrassing failure.

Good advice from a kid who made it through the storm and came out on top.


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