Are Some Alabama Fans Being Too Tough On Saban?


It’s been a tough week if you are a Bama fan, not only have we had to deal with the loss on Saturday, but we have had to endure the talk that Les Miles is in Nick Saban’s head, although Miles only leads the series I believe 3-2.

There is plenty of blame to go around after the loss on Saturday, but the most common theme is that somehow Nick Saban apparently to some fans had forgotten how to coach.

First all for those of you who want to take down Saban, this was a team loss, not just a Saban loss. I’ve heard lots of experts say for the most part Saban called a pretty good game.

The problem it seems was the execution. At times the players especially on offense and special teams didn’t do their jobs.

Now, I admit as a fan and like most fans every once and awhile I did question a call or two,but I don’t question his winning, I don’t question his overall record, I don’t question the number of championships he has won and quite frankly none of us should.

Coach Bryant didn’t win them all and guess what? Neither does Nick Saban.

Good teams lose and this is a good team; despite the loss on Saturday, but let’s also remember we have one hell of a coach as well.

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How many other teams can boast 13 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS??????? At least the players who play for Alabama can NEVER be accused of playing like STREET THUGS like SOME of the LSU players did!




Are you kidding me? Deal with it, Bama Nation. It sucks to lose to LSU, definitely, but it’s over. Let’s look forward. We might lose now and then, but we don’t whine about it. I hope the team takes out its frustrations on MSU and Auburn, and whatever poor souls we face in the bowl game! RTR!

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