Roll Tide/War Eagle Film Good But Too Short


I hope like most of you, you got a chance to watch Roll Tide/War Eagle on ESPN last night.

My review of the film was that it was good, but too short. It also would have been nice if they focused less on Harvey Updyke.

I was pleasantly surprised that the film didn’t make us all look like a bunch of stupid over the top fans which I feared. The film instead focused more on the last two years instead of the history of the rivalry.

I also learned a few things that I didn’t know before which is that former running back Gene Jelks was paid to rat out Alabama by Auburn fans to the tune of 45k.

Jelks coaches in Atlanta now and was in Tuscaloosa volunteering with tornado victims.

Where the movie failed to me was not focusing enough on some of the greatest games in the history like the 85 Van Tiffin kick, Gene Stallings last game which was a last second victory or why the game moved from Birmingham and the controversy behind it.

HBO did a documentary on the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry which was only an hour as well, but too me you got a better understanding of the craziness behind that game then you did in this documentary on the Iron Bowl.

Overall the movie was pretty good and I think it represented both schools well.

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