Saban Talks LSU Loss in Press Conference


Nick Saban opened his weekly press conference by making this statement:

"I am making one statement about the last game and then we're moving on," he said. “Nobody here is panicking.”

Despite their loss on Saturday, the Tide only dropped one spot in the BCS to the third ahead of an undefeated Stanford.

Saban didn’t want to blame the loss on one person, but on the break down of execution.

“It's not really fair to put this (LSU loss) on the kickers, we had (possessions) where we end up going backwards,” he said. “When you look closely, the fundamental execution wasn't what we needed to beat a good team, and we were playing a good team.”

The Tide suffered three injuries in Saturday’s game; offensive lineman Barrett Jones (ankle), defensive back Dre Kirkpatrick (concussion) and tight end Brad Smelley all did not practice Monday.

All three injuries are basically day to day.

The Tide’s next game will be this Saturday against Mississippi State.

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I’m glad to hear Coach Saban acknowledge that the blame for the LSU loss should not be placed on the kickers. The ridiculous penalties for having twelve men in the huddle at least twice were instrumental in our inability to make those field goals. Instead of an easy 25 yarder,the kickers were saddled with a tough kick of 45yds plus. Not an easy task,considering the opponent and the venue.I blame the coaches for those mistakes and such mental errors should never have been made in a game of that magnitude.ROLL TIDE ROLL

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