Rematch A Possibility for the Tide


Before the game Saturday, there was talk of a possible rematch between the loser of the LSU/Alabama game especially if the game is close and if LSU had lost, but now the possible remains since the Tide only dropped one spot in the BCS to No. 3.

The Tide is ahead of undefeated Stanford which most think is a formality especially if the Cardinal defeats Oregon this weekend, but that’s a big if.

Stanford struggled for awhile in their game against Oregon State before pulling away, so there is no guarantee that they will be undefeated by the end of the season. Even if they get by Oregon, Stanford still has Cal and Notre Dame left on their schedule.

Oklahoma State still has to face Texas Tech and their rival Oklahoma at the end of the year and after watching them this past weekend, neither one of those games will be easy.

And LSU isn’t out of the woods yet either; they still have Arkansas at the end of the year and an SEC Championship game most likely against Georgia.

So, if the Tide can take care of their business, this race is far from being over.

We will see.


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