The Tide Loses a Tough One in Overtime


The Game of the Century lived up to the hype as No. 1 faced No. 2, but in the end, No. 1 LSU would prevail over No. 2 Alabama 9-6.

This game was a game of lost opportunities for Alabama. The Tide would move the ball pretty effectively in the first half, but mistakes would cost the Tide a victory.

Four missed field goals, two interceptions at critical times in the game, cost the Tide. The Tide would move the football into the 30-yard line and a drive would stall either by a penalty or a turnover which was very unusual for the Tide.

Give credit to the LSU defense for holding the Bama offense in check when they need to and the Bama defense as well for stepping up their game when they needed to, but in the end it was not enough. LSU would hold Trent Richardson to about 90 yards rushing and zero touchdowns.

While the Bama defense would hold both Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee to less than 200 yards passing, zero touchdowns, and two interceptions.

The game would go into overtime and LSU would win the toss and decided to play defense. Bama did not make a single play on offense and moved backwards and missed another field goal.

LSU would get the ball in OT, run two plays and get the ball to the 7-yard line; there they would kick a field goal and win in OT.

Even though Bama lost, most likely they won’t drop far in the polls and if the Tide takes care of business the next few weeks and Oregon beats Stanford next week, Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State, and Arkansas beats LSU, the Tide could still be right back in the middle of the national championship hunt.

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