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By’s Steve Hummer, who also works for the Atlanta Journal, has written a piece today on Nick Saban on the eve of the Alabama/LSU game.

Hummer covers Saban’s raise from the coal mines of West Virginia, through the coaching ranks, to Tuscaloosa.

Of course what Saban profile would be complete without discussing how he got to Tuscaloosa after he denied reports that he would NOT be leaving the Miami Dolphins for the Alabama.

At least in this article, Hummer does mention Saban apologized in an article a few years ago for how he left the Dolphins, a fact a lot of reporters have failed to mention especially when they try to make the coach out to be the devil with their Nick “Satan” comments, but I digress.

The article also dives into also how he was treated after he left LSU and how he and his wife are helping Tuscaloosa rebuild after the April 27th tornadoes that devastated the area.

For the most part, it is a very flattering portrait of a coach who is often a misunderstood by the media, but is beloved by the fans and is one of the most respected coaches in the country.
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