LSU Fans Prank Calling Bama Players




Tracy Wolfson of CBS Sports has reported on Twitter that apparently an LSU fan has obtained Trent Richardson’s, AJ McCarron’s and Terry Saban’s cell phone numbers.

This is not the first time LSU fans have attempted to harass the other team’s players.

There were rumors that LSU fans obtain Tim Tebow’s number and back in the 2008 LSU/Alabama game, LSU fans had gotten the number of Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson.

When JP Wilson scored his first touchdown in the 2008 game, he put his hand up to his face like a phone and telling the LSU student section to call him; he I believe got a penalty for taunting which I know didn’t sit well with Coach Saban.

It’s not unusual for LSU fans to pull this stunt.  Problem is when they did it, they lost both times. Maybe LSU fans should keep that in mind for today’s game.

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