Tide Players Say they are Ready for LSU


If you have any concerns or questions about whether or not the Alabama players are ready for Saturday’s game; no need to worry.

According to running back Trent Richardson, the Tide is ready for the Tigers.

“In big games like this, we don’t panic and we stay calm and try to play our game and play it like we’ve never played it before, like this is our last down we’re going to play,” Richardson said.

“You never know. That’s what I try to remind everybody about. You can’t slack off. There are no friends on the field.”

Some people have been questioning how Alabama will react in a big game this-they forget that this isn’t neither Alabama’s nor Nick Saban’s first big game even of the year.

There was a lot of hype and talk surrounding Alabama’s first road test to Penn State and they passed; then the talk was well how Bama’s reaction would be playing Arkansas at home with Arkansas pointing to this as THEIR game of the year; well they passed that test too.

But surely, some said, Florida might catch the Tide napping; they didn’t.

So, forgive the Tide players if they haven’t heard this all before in fact according to Trent, they have to reassure the coaches they are ready.

“The thing with this team is that when we get to the big games, we don’t worry. We’re on the coaches more than they’re on us. We’re like, ‘Hey, coach, we’re ready for this game. Don’t worry about nothing. We’ve got this.”

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