Former LSU Players BEGGING Saban for Tickets


alabama lsuRemember when I said the other day that both Alabama and LSU were getting several request for tickets?

Well, now some LSU fans are getting so desperate that they are approaching the University of Alabama for tickets.

According to Chris Low of ESPN, Nick Saban’s secretary, Linda Leoni who handles his ticket request, is now being bombarded by former LSU players asking Saban for tickets.

Leoni said this: “I tell them, ‘I can’t put you in the Alabama section if you’re going to be cheering for LSU,” she said. “They say, no, we’re fans of coach Saban.”

I’m glad she is standing her ground and letting these guys know if you not for the Tide, you don’t get the tickets, but how bizarre is it to have former LSU players who played for the Saban say “hey we aren’t really pulling for our school, but our former coach.”

How do you think Les Miles feels?

What’s becoming even more bizarre is the rumor that a number of celebrities that are trying to go to the game as well. According to the Internet grapevine, NBA stars Dewayne Wade, Lebron James, Chris Paul, and even Shaq want tickets and may attend the game.

Rap star Lil Wayne is also rumored to be coming as well. A game that is already being hyped as the “Game of the Century” seems to be getting BIGGER by the minute.

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