ESPN Documentary on Tide-Tigers Rivalry Released Tuesday


If you like the ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries series last year with films that celebrated ESPN’s 30 years of covering sports, then you shouldn’t be surprised that one of the documentaries next week will focus on the Alabama/Auburn rivalry.

The film is called “Roll Tide, War Eagle” which will discuss the passion of this rivalry from each side’s point of view. Now, although I’m interested in seeing this film as I’m sure most of you probably will be, I’m just afraid of how we all (yes even some AU fans) are going to be portrayed by ESPN.

Are fans going to be seen as passionate or a bunch of stupid country hicks who love football and nothing else?

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I want to watch it is to see how America will see this rivalry after they see this film. Also, to see who all is going to be in it.

Is ESPN going to be fair to both school and their fans? Or is this going to be another slam job on this state? From what I hear so far, it’s not going to be boring that’s for sure.

I guess will see next week if that will be a good thing or a bad thing for our state’s image.

The premiere of “Roll Tide/War Eagle” will be next Tuesday night on ESPN, so check your local listings.

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