Tickets at a Premium for LSU Game


If you are thinking about taking a trip this weekend to Tuscaloosa at the last minute to buy a Bama/LSU ticket, you may want to rethink that.

Tickets for the LSU game are going as high as 2500 a ticket. For 50-yard line tickets, the price is even higher; $3,700 which is almost as high a semester at Alabama as the Wall Street Journal pointed out recently.

The fans aren’t the only one’s having a hard time finding tickets, staff members from both schools are being bombarded with request for tickets.

It was reported by ESPN that the LSU athletic department has been hit up for more tickets from family members to NFL personnel; that’s how big this game is in the landscape of college football.

Since this is such a huge game, there are going to be many criminals who will try to advantage of situation by selling fake tickets-so just a word of caution for those trying to attend the game, buy your tickets from a reputable person or company. The University of Alabama most likely will have a release warning all fans to what to look out for when purchasing a ticket; I hope all of you be pay attention.

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