Saban Discusses LSU and His Birthday in Press Conference


coach nick saban birthday

Unlike a lot of his press conferences recently, Nick Saban’s press conference yesterday was fairly uneventful. The coach discussed of course the game Saturday and his birthday which was yesterday.

For past decade, the LSU game has determined the winner of the Western Division and for the past four years it has come down to either the Tide or the Bengal Tigers.

“This game for the past four years has had an impact on the outcome of the division,” said Saban.

Saban praised Les Miles and the LSU defense.

“Les Miles has done a good job of recruiting players, and developing players in all three phases of the game. It doesn't take long to see what makes them an undefeated team,” he said.

“They're not that much different than us,” Saban said. “They will stop the run. They have good players in these specialty positions.”

As far as the BCS goes, Saban thinks either team would be worthy of playing in the championship game.

“All I can say is that both teams in this game have established the fact that they are some of the best teams in the country. The fact we have to play at this time because of the conference and the schedule, everyone should view the game and how it affects the future should not be on who won and lost but the quality of the teams.”

And finally, the coach celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday and he told the press how the players helped him celebrate.

“The players all had a party, and they all signed a jersey with the No. 60. Saban said he's a skill player, and 60 didn't register because No. 60 is not a skill player jersey.”

Can you tell the coach is REALLY tuned into the game this week and NOT his birthday?

That’s why we love Coach Saban. RTR!

Birthday greetings!



PS:  There is NOOOOOOOO WAY he looks 60, does he??

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