Trent Richardson for Heisman!


We have all heard the talk. In the Heisman watch, Trent Richardson must be the key for an Alabama win against LSU in order for him to win the Heisman. We have all seen the comparisons between Trent and Mark Ingram at this stage in the season, with Richardson having more yards, TD's etc.

While I am a Richardson fan, I am even more an ALABAMA fan. As long as Alabama wins, it matters not to me how it happens or who plays a key role. Football is a team sport and the team is more important than any one individual. I think Trent believes that.

I remember a few years ago when Bill Curry was our coach, Bobby Humphrey ran all over Penn State up in Happy Valley. The coach then started a Humphrey for Heisman campaign the next week, with pamphlets and just going all out. The very next week, Florida came to t-town and beat us. I'll tell you I would rather beat LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia State and Auburn, plus 2 more than someone on our team win a Heisman. If we win all those, we will win what we really want...a National Championship. And to tell you the truth, I would rather win one National Championship than 10 Heismans.

In fact, I think we ought to go back to the days when Pat Sullivan won the award. They woke him and his wife up in their trailor to tell him he won. Just win games baby and let the individual awards work themselves out in the end.

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My guess is that Trent Richardson would be the first to agree with you…and Nick Saban, the second.

Roll Tide!


no doubt


I’m such a BAMA fan that I agree, games R most important then Heisman hype. LOVE TRENT BUT ONE MAN DOES NOT A TEAM MAKE. ROLL TIDE!!!!!

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