The Record Breaker-Alabama-LSU 1996


The 1996 Alabama/LSU game wasn’t known for being a close game as most of the games in the recent past have been, what it is known for is the performance and the emergence of one Shaun Alexander. 

Coming out of high school, Alexander was one of the top running back prospects from the state of Kentucky. It was rumored at the time that the reason Alexander didn't start for the Crimson Tide right away was because of  his practice habits.

Apparently, Alexander wasn't very good at his blocking assignments, therefore he sat on the bench; that is until 1996.

Alexander, who was a redshirt freshman at the time, rushed for a school-record 291 yards and four touchdowns in Bama’s 26-0 victory in Baton Rouge. Alexander’s 291 yards still stands as a school record.

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