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Will LSU and Alabama be undefeated when they play each other? How is this Alabama season different then others? Eli Gold, the voice of Alabama football shares his thoughts with Tim Brando.

Tim Brando & Eli Gold got together on radio to talk about the biggest topic in the states of Alabama & Louisiana. It could be stated as simply a date.

November 5th

In case you have been under a rock, November 5th is a significant day because everyone is looking forward to the big game between Alabama & LSU. Many are considering this game to be the de facto national championship game.

Alabama Football

The challenge for Nick Saban is too keep the minds of the Alabama players on the task at hand, Ole Miss, but we all know that LSU is the proverbial "elephant in the room."

Coach Saban is most of all trying to take away all the "outside distractions."

How well Coach Saban & Les Miles, for that matter, handle the task of navigating the waters until that big game will ultimately determine how big this game will be. What both teams need is to be undefeated going in. Neither needs their team to stumble. The best for both teams is to keep the game on the national radar.

While, granted, a one-loss SEC team is still in the picture at season's end, it still means something. To paraphrase Gene Stallings, if you don't think the easy games mean anything, then try going out and "losing one."

Eli Gold goes on to talk about how the players this year are playing like they don't want to see the same slip-ups that befell the Tide last year against the likes of South Carolina, LSU, & AU. They are much more focused and they also have the added incentive to play for Tuscaloosa that is hurting so much following the ravages of this year's tornados.

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