Do You Think Julio Had A “Down” Game? Watch This Video!



Julio Jones did drop a pass or two but many of the passes were forced, but I want to bring to attention to all you Bama fans a key play by Julio that didn't show up on the stats book for himself. It is his blocking ability off of the line to spring Mark Ingram for a touchdown run. If you look closely, it was made possible by the open field blocking ability of none other than Julio.

This dude is for real, and mark my words, he will explode in the second half of the season as the balance of Alabama's lethal offense forces teams to cover more people all over the field.
I hope that McElroy does a better job of looking off his receivers and not keying in on his first read. There were several instances where receivers were running free and he missed it, but he is smart. I believe he is still growing in his role and will play smarter than trying to force things like he did, as the year goes on.

Mark Ingram touchdown run on 4th and 1 during the 2nd quarter. Ingram had 172 rushing yards during the game.

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