Udyke’s Lawyer Not Pleased With Finebaum Appearance


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As predicted by Harvey Updyke, his lawyer was not pleased with his appearance on the Paul Finbaum show earlier this week.

Updyke went on the Finebaum show to apologize to Auburn, but he never formally said for what.

Updyke’s lawyer, Glennon Threatt, who was in Huntsville this week for another trial said this about the Updyke’s comments:

“I'll be honest, I haven't heard everything he said,” he said after leaving the Madison County Courthouse Thursday.

After a reporter shared some of Updyke's comments, Threatt said “I've talked with Paul and did hear some of them.”

Threatt continued to say that he couldn’t comment on his relationship with Updyke at the moment, but he called Udyke’s statement about him not appearing on the Finebaum show accurate.

“Certainly, if it's not going to help him,” Threatt said of Updyke. “If he hadn't called into Finebaum, he never would have been arrested.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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