The Best Gator and Tide Games of All Time


1999 alabama florida game

Over the past few years, the Tide and Gators have played some memorable games against one another and we are going to take a look back at some of the most memorable victories the Tide has had over the Gators.

Today we look back at the 1999 game. Now as most of you remember during the 1999 season, the Tide and Gators met twice that season; once during the regular season, the other in the SEC Championship Game.

The best game out of the two had to be the first game in Gainesville where the Tide was a heavy underdog to Steve Spurrier’s team. No one gave the Tide a chance that day against the Gators, but we all knew better. The victory over these Gators ended a 30 game winning streak that turned the stomach of Steve Spurrier as you could see the disgust written all over his face.

But a few missed field goals and a Shaun Alexander run, turned this game into a Crimson Tide victory, 40-39 in overtime. It was a very exciting football game.

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