Can the Tide Defense Stop the Gator Offense?



We have all heard the hype surrounding Florida’s offensive coordinator Charlie Weis and his supposedly high powered offense, but the numbers don’t bare this out.

Florida quarterback John Brantley, is 89th in the NCAA in passing with almost 800 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions. I thought the hiring of Weis was suppose to make the Gators passing game better, but it seems like nothing has really changed from last year.

Last season, Brantley was supposed to be the second coming of Tim Tebow, but it was quite obvious that the Gators missed Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen more then they realized.

Mullen was the offensive coordinator under former head coach Urban Meyer. Weis’ offense is 79th overall in the NCAA, while Bama’s offense is 64th.

The fact that Brantley hasn’t really been piling up the passing numbers is not a very surprising statistic.   This is very bad news for Brantley against the stingy Tide secondary.

The Tide’s defense is third in the country in passing defense allowing just 138 passing yards per game, but an even more impressive stat, is so far that the Tide defense has held opposing quarterbacks to 43 percent passing efficiency.

Gary Danielson said yesterday he thought Florida will make AJ McCarron beat them, don’t think for a second that Alabama won’t make Brantley do the same and after what happened last year, I’ll take my chances that AJ will have a better chance against the Gator defense then Brantley will have against ours.

Randy Cross of CBS College Sports summed it up like this: “The most important player on SEC teams roster may be the backup QB when you play LSU + Bama, good luck absorbing that beating.”

A very sound warning for the Gator offense to take.


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