Danielson Changes his Tune About the Tide


After basically saying last week he wasn’t sure that Bama one of the best teams in America, CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson was changing his tune this Tuesday on the Paul Finebaum show.

Danielson was praising the Tide for their performance on Saturday and wondered out loud if the Florida Gators can handle the Tide this weekend.

“How is Florida win,” he said. “What is Florida going to do to win this game?

Danielson said in order for Florida to win this game they will have to do four things:

  • *Play an NFL type game which would be ugly, tough, and physical.
  • *Make good yards after a catch.
  • *Stop the Tide’s running game.
  • *Have a fourth quarter drive to win the game.

For all his praise, Danielson still seems to be skeptical about quarterback AJ McCarron. The way it sounds to me is that Danielson still isn’t convinced that McCarron is good enough to carry this team on his back if he had to.

“He has to come through,” Danielson said. Folks, didn’t the  kid come through Saturday?

He believes that if Florida is to win this ball game,that they need to make the Tide’s offense beat them. Duh

Still, Danielson said this team is hungrier and can do something special. We could have told you that Gary.

Roll Tide!

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