Making the Case for Alabama Being No. 1


It’s easy to see why the LSU Tigers are the No. 1 team in the nation. They played a tougher schedule and look impressive, but I’m here to declare why I think the Crimson Tide should be No. 1.

Everyone talks about how LSU has played a tough schedule, but Alabama has too.

People tend to forget that when Alabama played Penn State, they were ranked as well at the time just like Mississippi State, but unlike State who is 2-2, the only lost PSU has is to Alabama.

Another fact, Arkansas came in ranked higher then LSU’s opponent Saturday night West Virginia. Arkansas was ranked 12th and had the top offense in the SEC, while West Virginia was ranked 15th.

What made that victory impressive for LSU was it was on the road, yet the LSU defense which is suppose to be one of the best in the country, gave up 500 yards to the Mountineer offense.

Alabama held the Arkansas offense to 226 yards in total offense and 17 yards rushing which was the worse out put for a Bobby Petrino offense.

The trump card for LSU may be the Oregon Ducks which is the highest ranked time on the LSU schedule.

I’m certain that if Alabama takes care of business against Florida this weekend in Gainesville, the talk of who is the best team in the country will heat up even more. I know it’s early but it’s fun to talk about and even more fun knowing that Bama is in the mix for another national championship.

The best way to approach it all is taking it one game at a time. 


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Well, Bama rolled right over the Gators Saturday night but of course, now all the Bama haters in the polls are attributing it to the Gator’s quarterback Brantley being injured, as if Bama wouldn’t have beat Florida any other way. Don’t ya just get sick of it? They just can’t admit the truth. Go Bama!

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