Richardson and Lacy Better than Ingram and Richardson?


I saw a very interesting stat today from another website that stated that Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy combination is more effective then Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson.

Check these facts out guys:

Through four games, Richardson and Lacy are averaging more touchdowns per game (three) and yards per game (247.75) then Richardson and Ingram during their two years together.

Richardson and Ingram averaged in 2010 two touchdowns per game and less then 200 yards per game compared to what Richardson and Lacy are doing this year.

Now, part of that is the competition, but the competition has basically been the same since 2009. Some of this you can attribute to injuries on the offensive line last year which hurt the running game as well and we tend to forget both Richardson and Ingram were hurt at points during the season.

So far, the offensive line has been fairly healthy so have Richardson and Lacy which explains why the numbers are up this year. Either way, this is not a bad thing for the Crimson Tide.
What it says to me is that instead of rebuilding, we can just plug in another guy and keep it moving which says a lot about Nick Saban and his staff when you can just reload instead of rebuild.

If these numbers continue to go up or stay as is, it’s going to be a long year for the rest of the SEC.

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