ESPN’s Cowherd Says Bama Best Team in the Nation


Normally, I’m not a Colin Cowherd fan in fact for awhile I thought he was a loud mouth jerk (still is at times),but Cowherd is starting to change my mind a little bit.

While Kirk Herbstreit and others try to make the case that LSU is the best team in the country, Cowherd flat out said this morning that he thought Alabama was.

“I don’t care what people in Louisiana say, Alabama is the best team in the country,” he said.

Shocking? Not really, Cowherd has been on the Bama bandwagon the last couple of years and has always said he thought the SEC was the best conference in the country hands down.

Cowherd said there are three reasons he thinks Alabama is the best team in the country: the LSU/Alabama game will be played in Tuscaloosa this year instead of Baton Rouge, they have the best coach in football, and they are smart team.

Cowherd pointed out that in the first four games of the season, Alabama has only 12 penalties which is why he thinks they are a smart team.

Cowherd did give the Tigers some love saying that LSU and Alabama were “miles ahead” of anyone else including Oklahoma, Boise State and Wisconsin.

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